Dissection Demonstrations:  When a full participation lab may be too much, we also offer expert-led dissection demonstrations: 

Heart Demo:   Observe the dissection of a sheep’s heart and learn about how the heart works.  An expert dissector will show the parts of the heart, pull on actual heart strings, and describe problems of the heart from heart attacks to heart aches.  Participants will be able to hold an actual heart (sealed in a baggie) in their hands!  GREAT FOR VALENTINES DAY!

Price: $75*

Lung Demo:   Observe the dissection of a sheep’s lung and learn about the respiratory system.  An expert dissector will show the parts of the lungs and other organs and discuss common problems such as asthma and bronchitis.  Participants will be able to feel the tissues after the dissection (sealed in baggies of course)! 

Price: $75*

STEAM Programs: Combining ART & SCIENCE:  We use dissection and scientific illustration to teach about the body.  All drawing supplies will be provided.

DaVinci’s Heart: Demo Dissection & Illustration Class:  This class begins with a review of the heart (additional sheep heart demonstration dissection optional) where the instructor will review the parts and function of the heart.  Participants will then be led step-by-step (Bob Ross style) to reproduce one of Leonardo DaVinci’s scientific illustrations of the human heart.  Participants will not only learn about their own hearts as they draw, they will be able to keep their own illustrations.  Price: 100*

*Demonstrations and special programs have limited availability – Contact us for additional details.