Dissection Classes Catered to Your Needs

We currently offer six different dissection classes for a variety of group sizes.  We can work with you to enhance your experience by including specialized content or even designing a custom lab experience to fit the needs of your students.


Heart Dissection Lab

Hands on exploration of the heart – dissect a sheep heart and learn about the cardiovascular system

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Lung Dissection Lab

Explore the parts and functions of the respiratory system with a sheep lung dissection lab.

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Heart and Lung Dissection Lab

Go more in depth with a combined heart/lung lab to learn all about the relationships of these critical systems.

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Eye Dissection Lab

Learn how we see with a hands-on dissection of a sheep eyeball and an optional observation of a brain dissection.

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Frog Dissection Lab

The classic! Explore the systems of the body with a full dissection of a preserved frog.

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pig dissection diagram Awesome Ultimate Fetal Pig Anatomy Review

Fetal Pig Dissection Lab

Learn about mammalian systems with the dissection of a fetal pig.

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Custom Lab

Interested in a lesson not listed here?  Science on Demand can craft a custom lab experience to meet your needs.

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