The Heart Lung Connection (Heart & Lung Dissection)

Class Type: Lab
Length: 60-80 minutes

Recommended Learners: This lab is phenomenal for students learning the complex connections of our bodies systems.

Program Goal: Students will understand the basic structures and functions of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems and identify their connections through the dissection of a sheep’s heart and lungs combined.

Colorado Science Standards (Grade Level Expectation): Fourth Grade Concepts and skills students master: 1. All living things share similar characteristics, but they also have differences that can be described and classified

Fifth Grade Concepts and skills students master: 1. All organisms have structures and systems with separate functions

Seventh Grade Concepts and skills students master: 2. The human body is composed of atoms, molecules, cells, tissues, organs, and organ systems that have specific functions and interactions

Program Summary: Students will have a group introduction to the lung and heart, their parts and functions with be covered. Students will then observe the instructor first dissect a sheep lung and learn proper dissection techniques and identify the important parts of the lung including trachea, bronchi, bronchioles, and diaphragm. Working in small groups, students will dissect and explore their own sheep lungs with visual guides and instructor assistance. Students will then observe the instructor dissect a sheep heart and learn to identify the important parts of the heart including ventricles, atrium, valves, and major arteries and veins directed connected to the heart. Students will continue to dissect and explore sheep heart still connected to the lungs. They will explore the pulmonary blood vessels connecting the heart and lung. We will finish will a group discussion on how the heart and lungs work together to keep us alive.


Class: 20-35 students

(Up to 13 combos)

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