What does a dissection class look like?

Any room can become a lab.  If you do not have a classroom, we can find a nearby facility (library, rec. center, park) to host a dissection class that accommodates the size of your group.  We will prepare the room before the lab, covering any dissection surface and prepping the specimens.  We will provide visual aids and instruction before, during and after the dissection.  After the class, we will clean the room with industrial strength cleaners and properly dispose of all dissected specimens.

Are my kids ready to dissect?

If your learner can properly use scissors, they can safely do a dissection.  We do have recommended grade levels for each lab experience based on the complexity of the dissection and the lesson.

Is it safe?

All learners will be provided with gloves and safety glasses and will be taught proper safety techniques for all dissections. Only scissors and tweezers are used in our dissections (NEVER scalpels or open blades).  Fresh specimens (hearts & lungs) are essentially like working with raw meat.  Other specimens are preserved using Humectant Fluid and are non-toxic and completely biodegradable.

Were the animals raised to be dissected?

No.  All the specimens used in our listed dissections are by-products of the food industry.  The sheep and cow parts come from animals that were raised for their meat, but the organs we use are not popular to eat in the U.S. and may otherwise be thrown away.  Even the frogs were raised to be food.  The fetal pigs come from pigs raised for meat and would otherwise be thrown out.


Does it smell?

There will be very little odor associated with the dissections.  The fresh specimens (hearts & lungs) are not treated with chemicals and smell similar to raw meat.  Preserved specimens are now preserved in a humectant fluid which have considerably less odor than full formaldehyde-preserved dissections of the past.  After the dissection, we will use bleach-based products to disinfect all surfaces used.

Can any room be used as a dissection lab?

Ideally, we would like easy access to a sink and non-carpeted floors, but even those challenges can be overcome.  We cover desks and tables (and sometimes floors) with plastic and use trays and plates to contain any mess as much as possible.  We emphasize and require that all participants use safe dissection techniques and any “playing around” during the dissection can result in the removal of a student from the dissection area.  We also thoroughly clean and disinfect the room after the dissection.

How many adults are required during a dissection class?

At least one responsible adult is required during the entire dissection class, but more are always welcome.  We encourage parents and guardians to assist during the dissections (but don’t get too excited and do everything for your kiddo–the dissection is for them).

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